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Horizon square

Tilted horizons: how to make them work

| Photography | No Comments

If you’ve ever looked back over old photos you will remember how ‘off’ it feels to gaze upon a composition where the horizon is just slightly canted to one side. Our brains instinctively know that horizons should be straight, so…

Saturation square

Extreme colour: extreme saturation

| Photography | No Comments

Having the ability to easily hype the saturation of the colours in a photograph is a temptation that many photographers find hard to resist. There is just something creatively liberating about pushing the intensity of hues—particularly the primary hues—to levels…

Abstract square

Capturing autumn’s colours in abstract

| Photography | No Comments

Autumn’s complementary colours are perfect for creating beautiful abstract images, where colour, rather than an identifiable subject, becomes the main component of the shot. You might want to use a slow shutter speed to blur leaves as they move in…

Brief square

How to write a project brief

| Photography | No Comments

Never underestimate the importance of preparation when you are planning a photo shoot. You have to ensure the right people turn up at the right time and place, then hope the shoot goes off without a hitch. Even when you’re…

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