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From pinup to boudoir

From pinup to boudoir. What’s the difference?

| Photography | No Comments

If you shoot pinup, you might well be asked by clients to switch to boudoir. It makes for an interesting commission. The contrast between the two styles is a great complement to them both. Pinup and boudoir require two different…

Colour square

Making the best use of colour on your blog

| Photography | No Comments

One of the beauties of designing for the web, as opposed to print, is that you can try things out before committing to them. This is great news if you’re not always 100% confident about which colours will work together….

shake square

IS, VR, and anti-shake doodahs

| Photography | No Comments

As soon as the pioneers of photography liberated their cameras from studio stands and tripods and started shooting handheld, ‘camera shake’ became a very real problem. Shooting handheld undoubtedly gives you greater freedom and allows you to shoot more spontaneously;…

Hyperfocal square

What is hyperfocal distance?

| Photography | No Comments

There are three factors that contribute towards determining depth of field: subject distance, the focal length of the lens you’re using, and the aperture at which you are shooting. The closer an object, the longer the focal length, and the…

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