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SB intersection square

Playing with refraction in your photos

| Photography | No Comments

Every time you take a picture, you are manipulating refraction. This is the effect that occurs when light moves from one material to another at an angle. The shape of your camera’s lens is designed carefully, usually in order to…

JOD blogging goals square

So you want to be a photography blogger? You need to set yourself some goals

| Photography | No Comments

Maintaining your own photo blog can be a rewarding experience, both creatively and financially. But it’s also a demanding practice and one that might seem overwhelming at first. As Jolie O’Dell explains in her Blogging for Photographers, it starts with…

HJK ISO square

Don’t be afraid of high ISO

| Photography | No Comments

ISO is the only exposure control that doesn’t have a huge effect on your photos optically, but—you guessed it—adjusting the ISO isn’t completely without side effects. Until quite recently, the higher ISO values (beyond ISO 800 or so) were useless…

Hove beach near Brighton as seen from a Parrot AR.Drone

When Drones Go Wrong

| Uncategorized | No Comments

Photography from the skies is opening up, and it’s something we’ll be covering a little more in the future here at ilex, including details of how to program inexpensive drones to fly autonomously and record. This video is a result…

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