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Twilight square

Don’t ignore pre-dawn and twilight!

| Photography | No Comments

Compared to the scorching burst of fiery colours that sunrise and sunset unleash at the beginning and end of the day, twilight and the half hour or so before sunrise bathe the landscape in a cooler and subtler palette of…

Depth of field square

Get on top of depth of field

| Photography | No Comments

Accurate control of depth of field is a crucial element in creating the pictures you desire. The depth-of-field preview button, a standard feature on quality digital SLR cameras, allows you to check and adjust the depth of field before actually…

Contrast square

Look for contrasts and similarities in your street photography

| Photography | No Comments

Stark contrasts as well as uncanny similarities within an image will always stand out, as they make us ponder, think and smile, rather than simply being a ‘nice’ picture. As you begin to open your eyes to your surroundings you…

Bokeh square

What is bokeh?

| Photography | No Comments

Bokeh is a Japanese word that refers to the out-of-focus areas of a photograph, and it’s something that can be used in an artistic fashion. Unlike techniques such as lines and patterns, bokeh is produced by using the correct camera…

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