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Capturing the process of letting go

By April 14, 2017 Photography No Comments

You can’t address the idea of capturing your children in photographs, and especially about them children growing up, without including the part of letting go.

This is perhaps the most constant and bittersweet experience of motherhood.

From the first steps, to starting school, to driving away—with each stage of growth comes another step away from us and toward independence. Although we know what’s coming, we can still get blindsided. As you document the moments of development and change, challenge yourself to capture both the emotions of pride and joy and the pang of loss.

For the kind of images that represent our children’s growing up, consider shooting from a perspective that accentuates where they are going. Get down low so your subject looks larger than life. Or leave extra space where they’ve come from to feature what they’ve left behind. Shooting with this concept in mind helps you express the moment with more impact.

cycling away

Quite often, children learn how to ride a bike in stages that sometimes span many years. From tricycle to training wheels to finally a two-wheeler, each accomplishment offers a burst of childhood independence. This shot not only captures the motion of a little girl riding her bike, but also the emotion felt by her mother as she rode away.

In Elevate the Everyday, Tracey Clark shows how each day of our lives is full of potential for great photography. Focusing on the moments that are most precious to us, she offers a host of inspirational ideas enabling the reader’s photographic achievements to grow, turning the incidents in a family’s life – arrivals, departures, childhood, and parties – into beautiful, captivating images that will stand the test of time. Most of all, learn to turn the ordinary and everyday into the extraordinary with this unique guide to picturing motherhood.

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Tracey Clark

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