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Choosing the lighting for your photos

By October 10, 2017 Photography No Comments

Lighting communicates the mood of the photograph to the viewer.

So before you light an image, consider your vision first.

You should think about the following:

What mood are you trying to convey? If you or your client is after a light, airy, and effortless vibe, you might opt for natural light. If your client is looking for a moody fashion image, you might go with a more shadowy look of a constant tungsten spot positioned off to one side to create a Rembrandt-look.

Where is your final image going to be used? If you are shooting a cover, you might check out past covers the magazine has run and find that in a lot of the images the lighting is glossy and bright. In that case you might consider using high-key lighting. If the final image is going to be used as part of a fashion editorial, all the lighting across the images should be similar so they sit well together in a story.

Think about your subject matter. If you are shooting a portrait of a musician who sings soulful, moody songs, then you might try lighting that is dark and moody, such as Rembrandt lighting.

What are you selling in the photograph? If a client is selling a product, you want to light the product to look its best, as well as the model.

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