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Creative clipping–a deeper look

By August 4, 2017 Photography No Comments

Clipping the highlights or shadows is something you often avoid, but that doesn’t necessarily make it wrong.

Completely clipped or burnt-out highlights might convey an overwhelming sense of luminosity, while solid shadows can invoke emotions of gloom or make the subject look threatening. You can also use clipping to hide distractions and imperfections. For instance, high-ISO images contain digital noise and the shadow areas may be darkened without unduly affecting the subject.

To clip shadows aggressively, drag the curve’s bottom-left point to the right. Here the point has been moved to 27, and Output is shown as 0. This means that any pixels darker than a brightness value of 27 will be output as 0 or pure black.

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Advanced Digital Black & White Photography, John BeardsworthAdvanced Digital Black & White Photography
John Beardsworth

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