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Finding your muses

By May 17, 2017 Photography No Comments

When the creative life has been sucked out of you entirely, you need your secret, never-fail resuscitator: a list or feed of photographers around the web and image-oriented bloggers who make you think, ‘Oh, I want to do that!’ These are your muses.

Flickr's inspiration page

For many photographers on the web, their secret muse has become Flickr’s bucket of noteworthy recent images. For you, it might be a Pinterest board you or someone else has curated and refreshed with great pics from great photographers. Or it might be a Facebook page about photography.

Your muse list should almost certainly include a few bloggers, as well—perhaps some of the sites from your own blogroll. It could also include blogs from outside the photography niche, such as a music blog or a cooking blog or a fashion blog, anything that features images and topics that leave you feeling energised and refreshed.

Make sure this list includes a decent range of styles, both in text and images, and some diversity in its layouts, for individual posts and for the publication as a whole. Set up your list as an RSS feed, a list of Twitter accounts, or just a folder of browser bookmarks, if you don’t feel like getting too technical. You could also share your secret list with your readers as a blogroll-esque sidebar or widget of inspirations.

You don’t have to use photography blogs per se as part of your inspiration. You might find yourself turning to websites that feature images, themes, and other elements that inspire you. These will be your muses; they will make you want to go out and create.

Figure out what online people and blogs and sites and resources make you want to get off the internet and go be creative, then save those links carefully for the rainy days when you need the extra lift.

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