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Extreme Exposure

Taking a more extreme approach to exposure can unshackle your photography and refresh your approach to picture-making. In this definitive guide to extreme exposure techniques for creative photographers:

  • Learn how to get the most from your camera and exploit its full creative potential
  • See how you can shoot images that are impossible to see with the naked eye and deal with difficult exposure situations
  • Be inspired by David Nightingale’s expert advice, and the inspirational images that fill this book
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An increasing reliance on automatic exposure modes means that, for many digital photographers, exposure starts and ends at ƒ/8 and 1/125 sec. There’s nothing wrong with this, but there’s a point when this sensible combination becomes formulaic – boring even – and countless photographers have lost sight of their camera’s true creative potential.

Packed with stunning photography, Extreme Exposure is the antithesis to this conventional thinking. Setting out to liberate the enthusiast photographer, this book reveals how you can record images that are invisible to the naked eye or deal with a difficult subject when your camera starts to struggle.

Whether it’s extending the shutter speed to capture stunning star trails, or fitting a manual focus lens to benefit from the wide apertures that are lost on many of today’s digital SLRs, Extreme Exposure looks at the fundamental elements of picture-making in a refreshing and highly inspirational light.

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