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Shooting Yourself | Haje Jan KampsShooting Yourself | Haje Jan Kamps | Artist Showcase: John MagruderShooting Yourself | Haje Jan Kamps

Shooting Yourself


Haje Jan Kamps

Turn your camera on the world’s most fascinating and attractive model yourself! Take part in the new wave of expressive self-portraiture, enjoy unlimited creative control over your subject, and reveal your hidden side with confidence!

  • Hundreds of inspiring self-portraits from creative photo stars.
  • Go on location, add props, get dressed up, or even bare it all dozens of styles are explored.
  • Get inspired and gain the confidence to visually tell your own unique story.
  • With simple post-production techniques to add style and amazing surreal effects.
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Product Description

It’s no exaggeration to say that learning photography helps you to see the world differently, and if photography is the art of seeing, then self-portrait photography is the art of seeing yourself.

From Rembrandt to Cindy Sherman, self-portraiture has enjoyed a prestigious history, and now a new generation of creative photographers are rising to the challenge of being the star of both sides of the camera.

Full of inspiring examples and fun techniques to try, you’ll soon discover that you’re the best model you have. Whether you photograph yourself out of convenience, to practise your skills and expand your artistic repertoire, or for a more personal or therapeutic exploration, Shooting Yourself will push you creatively and help you gain confidence to be yourself – both as photographer and model.

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