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How often should I post to social networks?

By February 15, 2017 Photography No Comments

Something that seems to puzzle people when it comes to social networking is the question of how frequently they should post. How many photos is too many? Which photos do people really not need to see?

How often should you post to social networks?

Imagine that you’re at a party. You spot someone sitting in the corner, alone and looking glum. He might be shy or nervous, or not really know anyone, so you head over to him to say hello and exchange a few words. You make the effort, you ask open questions, you smile lots, you try to talk about subjects that elicit responses. But what you find is that you don’t really exchange any words because he doesn’t attempt to respond. His answers are either monosyllabic or he just shrugs his shoulders. You try your best, but after ten minutes of virtual soliloquy, you decide to cut your losses and go find someone who actually seems engaged and engaging. It’s the same with social media: if you don’t post anything, people will stop making the effort to listen.

Meanwhile, back at the party you’ve just grabbed another slice of cake when you find yourself cornered by the wildly gesticulating woman with a foghorn of a voice who NEVER. SHUTS. UP. You can’t get a word in edgeways. You find yourself desperately looking around for something, anything, that you can use to lever yourself out of this bombardment of words that have long since ceased to resemble anything like coherency.

Again, it’s exactly the same with social media. For so may people, when they encounter an incontinent poster, their fingers head for the ‘unfollow’ button faster than they can say ‘Jiminy Cricket.’ They might have the odd gem amongst the onslaught, but it’s lost in the debris, and worse, it swamps what other people have to say. So don’t post too often, either. People will grow bored and impatient.

It’s all about balance, really. Say some interesting things. Ask a few pertinent questions. Listen to your followers’ answers. And respond to people when they ask questions or say something interesting. It’s called social networking for a reason!

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