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Five simple steps to super smartphone snaps

By May 3, 2018 Photography No Comments

Say cheese! Follow these five steps, and you will be well on your way to terrific photos from your smartphone, every time that you open the camera app.

West Highland Way

1. What’s your story?

Think about what you want to convey in your photo, and shape the way you compose it around this idea.

2. Clean your lens

Give your lens a quick wipe. You never know where it’s been.

3. Check the light

Where’s the light coming from? Unless you really want that lens flare, don’t shoot into the sun!


4. Composition?

Is the composition the best it could be? Use this checklist to make sure:

  • Are you close enough? Are you sure?
  • You’ve made sure that your frame is doing justice to your subject?
  • Checked your subject placement?
  • Your lines are straight and level? For certain?
  • There’s nothing creeping into the background that you don’t want there, no?
  • Are you using The Rules? If you’re not, are you breaking them properly? Definite? If not, better use The Rules.

5. Hold steady!

We don’t want any camera shake! Rest your camera phone on something if you can; lean against a tree, a post, or anything else sturdy, or with your elbows pushed into your tummy for stability if you can’t. Take a deep breath. And…


Noah Brazg, Higham point-to-point

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