ilex makes it awesome

Make something great

Be sure you’re producing a professional quality product with world-class professional human editorial.

Simple, fair payment

Get paid the best royalty rate in the business (so far as we know), with no monthly fees, transaction processing or account details to worry about.

International reach

Our store, our customers, and our promotions are spread around the world, not just in the US or UK, and not just online.

Cross-media appeal

If you elect to have your eBook published through ilex, you’re already one step towards a real print deal (i.e. thousands of copies in bricks and mortar stores, not expensive one-by-one digital editions only available online.)

"Writing is the most fun anyone can have on their own"

− Terry Pratchett

If you’ve ever shared your tips and skills with others, be it through one-to-one lessons workshops, eBooks, printed books, you’ll know that it’s a great experience. If you’ve ever tried to do the same thing on the internet, you’ll also know you’re fighting against an awful lot of noise from the many others dumping out their every thought and trying to charge for it, as well as the technical challenges of getting paid a reasonable amount without incurring unmanageable transaction fees and monthly payments.

For all these reasons, ilex has decided to open up our publishing process to anyone who wants to submit a book for online publication, adding digital exclusives alongside our traditional titles.

It’s a great way to reach out to other photographers and share tips and techniques, to build and grow a potential audience for your workshops far beyond your geographical location, and to lay the first steps towards published books in bookstores from your nearest to the furthest corners of the world.


  • Best Royalty in the business
  • Your work part of a stable of star photographers
  • Our affiliates scheme encourages others to promote your books
  • Direct payment into your bank account
  • No transaction costs or hosting fees