What is a blad?

A BLAD stand for Book Layout And Design and it’s a way we try out and develop book ideas and page designs before sharing the ones that we love with the world; creating one is an essential part of getting a beautiful full-colour book from our brains to bookstores.

Step 1: Pre-game

Before we create a blad, we need to decide we want to. More often than not, that means we will come to you with an idea and see what you think.

Step 2: Sign Off

Once we in ilex.photo know we’ve got a brilliant idea on our hands, we just need to get the sign off from the money men. They’ll want to see some lovely pictures, impressive sounding web stats, and something that’ll convince them to splash the cash on backing the idea. Worry not; if you were contacted by us, this step should be a breeze.

Costing Sheet

Step 3: The Plan

Now you’ll need to do a little work; to write a blad you’ll need to plan out the final book in your mind, and on paper. With your editor you’ll need to plot out a Table of Contents (ToC) showing what would make up the final book.

Table of Contents Flatplan Sample

Step 4: Word and Pictures

Once you and your Commissioning Editor agree the ToC, you’ll pick at least four topics from the ToC to write up as final pages – the exact details will depend on the project, but all you need to supply to us are Word documents (or equivalent) and the high res image files (good quality JPEGs for preference, TIFFs take so long to download and at this stage don’t offer us any better quality).

BLAD Submission folders

Step 5: The Design

At this point our world-class design teams and art directors step in, working with the Commissioning Editor to come up with a unique look for the blad which will become the look for the final book.

Step 6: Co-publishing time

With the BLAD ‘presentation’ under our belt, we’re able to show our idea not only to bookstores so they can decide how many copies to order, but other publishing houses around the world who may want to buy in for translation. Ilex has a dedicated team who speak many languages working just for you.

The Video Explanation

Adam Juniper introduces the blad process. Sorry, the video is a bit old and assumes a co-publisdhing deal (these days we often sell in America under our own brand); we promise to update it soon.