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Battery power for photography and movie-making

By April 21, 2017 Photography No Comments

Your DSLR and a good amount of the equipment you use to shoot video will require some form of power. Drawing that power from batteries is the easiest way to do this as they are portable and require no cords or AC outlets.

all day shooting

Besides being sure that all of your batteries are fully charged before going on any shoots, you should also be sure you’re maximising the performance of what you’re working with. For an all-day shoot you’ll need multiple batteries. Read the manufacturer’s guidelines and work out how many you need—then take an extra, just in case.

Battery grip

A battery grip is an extension on your camera to add life-span to your working time. A battery grip will not only extend your run time, but also will alleviate having to change batteries often and have multiples as backups.

battery grip

Rechargeable batteries

Devices like an external audio recorder will require AA batteries for power. Having a set of good rechargeable batteries will keep costs down. Just be sure that before your shoot your batteries are all fully charged.

Portable power

A portable battery pack is an option a lot of people aren’t familiar with or don’t know much about. The versatility that comes with having voltage you can hold in your back pocket upstages conventional rechargeables, hands down. A pack like the Tekkeon will provide DC power and adapter tips. You can dial in the voltage output you desire and it will run LED lights, gadgets, laptops—you name it. This is an awesome power solution for those on-the-go shoots where you don’t want to plug into a wall or carry around buckets of batteries. Just be sure to verify that the gear you are powering is compatible with the battery pack.

AC power for the 5D or other cameras

An AC power adapter plugs into a wall socket and connects to a dummy battery pack that goes into the battery slot on your camera. If you need to power your camera for extended periods of time, this solution will enable you to do so without having to worry about a battery.

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