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Give chance a chance in your street photography

By March 15, 2017 Photography No Comments

Great street photography is all about capturing the ‘decisive moment’. But how to prepare yourself for the decisive moment?

chance in street photography

Structure versus spontaneity

On some occasions you may find something of interest, such as a humorous slogan on a billboard for example, then simply wait around: camera poised, ready for the right type of subject to enter the scene. While this can reap great rewards, some street photographers argue that this isn’t embracing the true nature of street shooting, which should occur more spontaneously and thus have more organic results. This lack of contrivance can generate equal creative air, and impressive results that are generated from a laisse-faire and arguably more enjoyable approach.

The idea of this methodology is to just go out on to the streets, take a non-planned walk around the city and shoot what you find. This can open your eyes to fresh perspectives, angles and ideas, which in turn helps to find exciting new possibilities, people and places.

chance in street photography

Camera ready

For this approach to work, you must ensure your camera is only ever a press away from being activate. Swap the lens cover for a UV protective filter or attach the hood instead, carry it at your side or around your neck, and never switch the camera off, simply allow it to go to sleep and then reactivate as your press the shutter to focus.

Picture imperfect

The beautiful thing about street photography is images don’t necessarily need to be technically perfect. A little chaos in the frame adds motion and intrigue, and this could be achieved because the shutter speed wasn’t quite fast enough or you panned with the subject. Likewise the image may be a tad over or underexposed, which can add mood or emotion. The important thing is to catch the scene or the subject before the moment passes.

chance in street photography

Raising the ISO will help to minimise blur and camera shake, should you be shooting in low light or at longer focal lengths, but use it with caution as raising the sensitivity too high can introduce noise into the picture which may distort colour and clarity, effectively reducing the overall picture quality. Some very recent DSLRs, CSCs and advanced compacts are capable of shooting at extremely high sensitivities, some in excess of ISO 12,800, but be aware that the results of these captures vary from brand to brand, and model to model.

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