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Why photographers prefer cloudy days

By February 1, 2018 Photography No Comments

Clouds are your friends


If you’re planning a day on the beach, clouds are your sworn enemy. As a photographer, however, embrace them! They’re incredibly useful for creating gorgeous, soft light. The problem with the sun is that while the giant ball of fire in the sky is nice and bright, direct sunlight tends to create harsh shadows, and it’s hard to make photos look good under those circumstances.

Studio photographers spend thousands on accessories that help create beautifully soft light, but the clouds do exactly the same thing, completely free of charge. Grab a friend and head outside to shoot some photos the next time the sky looks gloomy. Trust me; it’ll make their skin look fantastic, and the quality of the light will be downright lush. There’s really nothing else you need to do, either, your camera will compensate for the reduction in light. Just head outside, and enjoy using the best light you’ll ever find for your photos!

Why Photographers Prefer Cloudy Days, Haje Jan Kamps
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