Photography eBooks for less

These deals are all on ilex instant eBooks which you can download instantly from this site. To take advantage of them you need to add the products to your cart using the eBook shop then make sure you add the offer code when you come to checkout. If you’re having trouble, you can see a video in the site’s help section.

The Photographers Eye Series Bundle (55% off)

APro-Collection bargain bundle deal on Michael Freeman’s legendary Photographer’s Eye series. Learn more about the individual books on their specific pages:

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Photo School Bundle

TFreeman-Bundle-Squarehis is the easiest bundle to buy from us yet; rather than insisting on a coupon code we’ve set this bundle up as a product so you can simply buy it once then download the eBooks at your leisure.

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Field Guide Offer

You need to use the coupon code ‘fieldguide50’ at the cart or checkout stage to get half price on purchases of two or more field guides. This button should apply the code for you, though you can do it manually too:

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