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Why documenting the seasons as a family is special

By October 9, 2018 Photography No Comments

Documenting the passing of the seasons is a wonderful way to mark your family’s growth.

autumn scene

Focus on what makes each season special to your family, noting any traditions or seasonal rites of passage. Start a family tradition of remaking the same photograph or visiting the same location year after year.

Autumn colour

Autumn colour provides a spectacular backdrop for outdoor photos. To make the most of the bright hues, get out early or stay out late to take advantage of directional sunlight. But don’t put your camera away just because the sun isn’t out. Autumn colours appear especially intense on overcast days. And when the leaves have all turned brown and fallen to the ground, don’t discount the splendour of the muted tones.

Snow days

Snowy pictures require a little bit of extra camera work to properly expose for the bright white. Set your camera to overexpose (check your manual for exposure compensation) a little bit to make sure the snow doesn’t read as grey and muddy. Getting the contrast right can be tricky, too. Look out for subjects with really bright colours, which will help them to stand out.

Sweet summertime

There is a weightlessness and carefree feeling to summer. Time seems to slow down. No one is weighed down by winter coats or boots (or schoolwork), and we’re outdoors all day long. Summer adventures and activities make for colourful photographs and the light seems to go on forever.

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