Everyone makes mistakes. One of ours, if we’re honest, is not keeping an easily accessible list of them online sooner. We’ve just begun this in October 2017, and will add errors as we discover them. If you’ve found one, please let us know. Note that, for clarity, we won’t list very minor issues here such as missing letters (unless the meaning if affected). We do endeavour to correct all errors we discover in future printings.

Complete Photography

First Printing, 2017, worldwide editions
  • p3 Gatchum Gatcum
  • p307 Text Overflow in ‘Unsharp Mask’ box. It should finish “As a very general guide, images with fine detail require lower radius and higher threshold settings than images with broad expanses of continuous tone, such as skin or skies.”
  • p307 (UK English edition) Dialog box title: Colour Blance Balance

The Photographer’s Handbook

First Printing, 2017, worldwide editions