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Great wedding group shots

By June 19, 2017 Photography No Comments

A lot of couples want a group photograph of all of their guests. And you can understand why.

wedding group shot
It’s a terrific photo, but it is important to know your location well before you promise this shot to the bride and groom. It is imperative that you have the right location, since you will either need to stagger the group (by using steps or something that gives you different levels) or by getting up high and shooting down on the guests. If you are shooting down on them from a few stories in the air, then you don’t have to worry about positioning as much—everyone will be looking up at you, so no one will be hidden. Ask the bride and groom to stand in front, and then have everyone else crowd around and look up.

Photographing groups from balconies works brilliantly because the view with a wide lens allows you to get the entire group in, and often the scenery as well.

If you are staggering the group and shooting them from the same level or below, it is important to pay more attention to the positioning. There are always some people who will try to stand behind others—try to tell the group that no one should be behind anyone else unless they are on a different step. You will also need to be aware that some of the older folks in the group may not be able to navigate stairs well, so you should encourage them to stay near the bottom row.

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