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Try watching a music video on mute for inspiration

By July 12, 2018 Photography No Comments

However you find yourself searching for inspiration, this exercise can be motivating and educational. It’s also fun and bit unusual.

Pick one of your favourite songs and look up the music video for it. Watch the music video on mute; turn the sound off and just look at the images.

Moving images are so similar to still photography, yet we often ignore them as a source of inspiration for our images.

The intent here is not to copy individual images, but to assess things like colour and lighting to better understand how images are created. Take for example Lemonade by Cocorosie. The video is filled with beautiful natural window light in a mansion, and that lighting is inspiring for the use of window light. The concept or technique is not a novel one, but it is a reminder that creating beauty does not have to be complicated.


Pay attention to the details, and watch the video a few times to really get a feel for what the director was doing. Can you understand the story without the lyrics? That is, essentially, what photography is—“a picture worth a thousand words.”

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