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Why photographers need business plans

By June 8, 2016 Photography No Comments

The long-term success of most businesses hinges on good planning, and a photography business is no exception.

business plan

Every emerging photographer should create a business plan that clearly outlines their goals and determines a course of action for achieving them. It doesn’t need to be long or even particularly detailed or complex—in the beginning, it will be largely for self reference than for securing a business loan, so a simple one- or two-page document is fine. But it should still have a clear mission statement, your revenue goals, and a business strategy. Remember, this isn’t a hobby—it’s your livelihood. You are in the business of taking pictures, and just ‘winging it’ will only set you up for failure.

It’s critically important that photographers learn how to write a business plan. The thing that holds back a lot of potential photographers is not having a plan, they go from gig to gig and can get stuck. They don’t have an understanding of the business side—the thing we all hate—and as a result, never have enough cash to do the shoots they want, or the portfolio and marketing that they need to establish themselves. It’s necessary to write a business plan that clearly states what your dream is, and how you see that happening over however many years. The idea is to build a stable foundation that will let you fly free as an artist.

– Doug Menuez, commercial & documentary photographer

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