The Photographer’s Eye Series

Michael Freeman’s influential and pioneering series for photographers

Here they are very briefly…

The one that started it all.

The one with more diagrams.

The original in-depth sequel.

The practical exposure guide.

The one about storytelling with photos.

The one with great photographers.

…not to mention a 2-DVD set which has a bit of everything.

There are a lot of books in the now-legendary Photographer’s Eye Series, with over a million copies sold worldwide. Professional, enthusiast and student photographers have heaped praise upon Freeman’s photographer-centric approach to writing. But which one do you need right now?

The Photographer’s Eye

Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

What makes photos good

The Photographer’s Eye was the first book that said to digital photographers that it wasn’t just the camera and technology that matters, it was how you composed your photograph. Freeman’s decades of professional experience with clients like National Geographic made him the ideal person to give photographers this slightly more cerebral book. If you think megapixels matter above all, think again.
ISBN: 978-1905814046



Composition | Practical

The Photographer’s Eye: A Graphic Guide

Instantly Understand Composition and Design for Better Digital Photos

Composition, but looked at differently

Freeman’s readers lavish praise on his unique diagrams, in which he brings to life photographic concept and technique. At the same time so readers can find a full-sized book a lot to read, so we went back to the enormously popular topic of composition, with all-new imagery and this time devoting much more space to the illustration so those photographic concepts are quicker to grasp.
ISBN: 978-1908150912
Also available as a 2-volume hardcover slip case edition with The Photographer’s Eye.
ISBN for box set: 978-1781579879



Composition | Practical | Diagram-led = easy to read

The Photographer’s Eye: Book & DVD

A 5-Hour 2-DVD Masterclass Covering Composition, Technique, Software & Storytelling with accompanying 80-page book.

It’s about the video!

Although the cunningly-designed hard-shell case makes the Book & DVD package seem a lot like a DVD-case sized hardback book, the real meat of the content here is the over five hours of specially commissioned video. This isn’t just a photographer sitting and talking to his camera, either; in the course of filming this series-in-a-box Freeman and his crew travelled around the world, and used a variety of different cameras. Explore composition, technique, theory and storytelling as you travel from London to Yosemite, tackle air-displays in San Francisco, vistas in China, and perfect colour in the studio. As an extra treat, you’ll find HD versions of the files on the discs as well as the standard DVD.
ISBN: 978-1781579855



Watch this space.

Technique | Practical | Video = easy to learn from | Conceptual | Storytelling

Perfect Exposure

The Professional's Guide to capturing Perfect Digital Photos

Taking the photos

Composing a great picture is an essential skill, and something that isn’t discussed as often as it should be in photography, but you still need the techniques to get it right. Moments only come once, after all. This book, then, takes the same in-depth but deeply practical approach to exposure as The Photographer’s Eye does to composition, so you can shoot like a pro as well as see like one.
ISBN: 978-1781571224



Technique | Practical

The Photographer’s Mind

Creative Thinking for Better Digital Photos

Going deep into the theory

The source of any photograph is not the camera, or even the scene viewed through the viewfinder – it is in the mind of the photographer. In The Photographer’s Mind, photographer and author Michael Freeman unravels the mystery behind the creation of a photograph, delving further into the theory than The Photographers Eye. Indeed this book was originally listed as ‘The Photographer’s Eye 2’ by the editorial team.
ISBN: 978-1905814978



Theory | In Depth

The Photographer’s Vision

Understanding and Appreciating Great Photography

A wider perspective: lessons from other photographers

While Freeman occasionally illustrates other books in the series with examples from photographers, like Henri Cartier-Breton, in this book no expense was spared in licensing a complete range of work from great photographers – names you know and names you probably don’t. Freeman uses them to expertly illustrate composition and technique, so readers will develop the ability to see and understand the art, and bring that knowledge back to their own work. Nick Knight, Frederick Henry Evans, Frans Lanting, Tim Page, Wolfgang Tillmans, Nan Goldin, Paul Outerbridge, Walker Evans, Cindy Sherman, Elliott Erwitt, Trent Parke, Jeff Wall, Paul Strand, Romano Cagnoni, Horst Faas, James Casebere and many more make this book visually stunning and intellectually authoritative.
ISBN: 978-1905814978



Theory | In Depth | Pictures from Great Photographers

The Photographer’s Story

The Art of Visual Narrative

Because not every photo lives alone

Using Michael’s own work, and that of many other great photographers, this unique book will show how classic photo stories are shot and edited, and give aspiring photojournalists and hobbyists alike a wealth of ideas to unlock the potential of their most powerful storytelling tool: their camera. By looking at photography in the context of other pictures and editorial, this book is wholly different from many, yet just as important.
ISBN: 978-1908150608



Theory | In Depth | Pictures from Great Photographers | Great for magazine & editorial

The Photographer’s Eye + The Photographer’s Eye: A Graphic Guide Slip Case

A cloth-bound hardcover slip case offering value and quality

Two in one

The Photographer’s Eye was the first systematic guide to photographic composition – practical and authoritative. In the companion volume, The Photographer’s Eye: A Graphic Guide, he develops his theme using a uniquely visual approach; illustrations and diagrams bring Freeman’s expertise to life. Together, they represent the last word on the subject, and presenting both books in hardback in a substantial cloth-bound slipcase, this two-book set will prove an enduring reference to the central photographic art.
NOTE: This product is not always correctly described on Amazon (confusingly you might just see a book cover from one of the paperback editions, but the link from this page is correct).
ISBN: 978-1781579879


2-Volume Slip Case

The Photographer's Eye & The Photographer's Eye: A Graphic Guide in slip case