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Photographing babies: the first 48 hours

By January 30, 2018 Photography No Comments

The first 48 hours of your newborn’s life are a whirlwind of exhaustion and excitement.

Newborn baby

There is no question that meeting your baby for the fist time is life changing. When packing for the hospital or preparing for a home birth, most people probably aren’t thinking about their cameras. Of course, your phone will do the trick for a snapshot, but this is one of those times when bringing ‘the big camera’ will prove worth it.

Of course your hair is a mess and your eyes are puffy—you just had a baby! However, it’s guaranteed that when your new baby is leaving for college and you find this photograph, none of that will matter. When you’re up and around a little, be sure to take the camera back and immortalise Dad’s expression as he becomes acquainted with his new baby.

newborn baby

Have your camera set when you pack it. Format the memory card, charge the battery and, if you have one, pack the flash (remembering that your flash needs fresh batteries, too). Put your camera in the Auto mode and give your partner or birth attendant a quick lesson in how to operate it. Having all this set before you leave means less tweaking to do in the heat of the moment.

newborn baby

Have a nurse or birth attendant photograph those first moments meeting your baby if at all possible, and very importantly: capture the moment that bigger siblings are introduced to the new family addition.

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