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Capturing The Moment

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Michael Freeman

One of photography's true greats, Henri Cartier-Bresson, nailed photography perfectly when he coined the phrase 'the decisive moment'. No one has come up with a better description, but how do you capture it? This book, presented in the style of the acclaimed Capturing Light, deals with the unique power of photography – and the specifically techniques required – to analyse a slice of life and capture it as the perfect still.

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Product Description

This is a book about gesture and expression, things touching and things about to. This is no technical treatise on shutter speed for action photography, but readers will develop a fuller understanding of moment – the true core of photography – in all its forms. Once you’ve digested the book, you’ll be able to anticipate moments, recognise them before they arrive, then choose and capture the perfect one in a way no camera can ever do alone.

How Capturing The Moment works

Freeman’s years in the field and many books have led him to hit upon a winning formulae with which he can explain even a complicated and nuanced topic like a perfect moment in a way any of us can grasp; each of his points is illustrated not only by the successful final shot you might have seen in a magazine, but also a full background story – what didn’t work, and why.
Is if that weren’t enough, you’ll find diagrams, alternative perspectives and anecdotes about shooting in a variety of exciting locations.

Praise for Michael Freeman

Freeman has long been one of my favorite photo book writers
– Jeff Wignall, Photography Author

Freeman’s journey through the the principles of photographic composition is eye-opening, eloquent, and beautifully published.
– Amazon reviewer of Freeman’s The Photographer’s Eye

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