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Fashion Photography 101


Lara Jade

Lara Jade's Fashion Photography 101 is a complete and cutting-edge introduction to photographing fashion – one of the most fast-paced and exciting fields in photography today. It's full of technical advice to improve your images, as well as practical, insider information on how to contact models, build your portfolio, and navigate the challenges involved in dealing with agencies. This book gives you a foundation for what to expect from a creative team, and how the work of its members will affect your shoots.

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Fashion photography is one of the most appealing markets for any new photographer, but also one of the most challenging, combining as it does a group of disciplines, from the more technical makeup and editing roles to the photography itself.

With digital technology and good planning, however, you can tackle as many of these as you please, and offer the best possible service to your client, whether that’s an international magazine taking your career to the next level, or a friend needing to look good on Facebook. After all, they’re just as important to you.

This book will teach you everything there is to know about fashion photography in the digital age, including the roles of the whole creative team, making it the only book you’ll ever need, whether you’re taking your first ever shot, working with a pro model for the first time, or taking on major clients.

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1 review for Fashion Photography 101

  1. ilex

    It literally covers everything i wanted to; and to some extent still want to know about getting into the fashion industry. I mean i don’t think you’ve missed anything. Also i love that you write in such a way that it feels very easy to apply to my own life and practise. Most books of this kind offer advice that just seems impossible to replicate or far too expensive to feasibly start with. You have never forgotten how and where you started and for this i think your fans will always follow you, your work and even the words your write.

    It’s perfect! Buy It!

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