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Inspiration in Photography


Brooke Shaden

One of the most recognized names in modern art photography introduces you to her creative process and reveals techniques and exercises that you too can use to find inspiration, everyday and everywhere. With a focus on finding your own style, you’ll learn to look for meaning in the everyday world, using character and setting to express yourself fully through your photography. You’ll be encouraged to try new things, finding inspiration from Brooke’s own beautiful images as well as a selection of some of the most interesting photographers working today.

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Inspiration is not a far-flung concept, out of reach to all but a few great artists, and nor is it a matter of chance; as a photographer it’s possible to train your mind to see the creative possibilities in any situation. Featuring the pioneering work of author Brooke Shaden and a selection of carefully chosen contributing photographers, this book provides the perfect balance of insight and instruction to help you find inspiration whenever you need it and capitalise on it every time.

You will learn how to compose, plan, and shoot colourful and atmospheric artistic photographs, developing confidence along the way. Stimulate your creativity by following the inspiring photographic exercises that Shaden uses herself, and be inspired by beautiful images from Shaden’s own portfolio as well as case studies from her fellow photographers.

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