Landscape Photography: The Four Seasons | Chris Gatcum

Landscape Photography: The Four Seasons


Chris Gatcum

As the seasons change around us, so will the techniques the photographer has to use to capture landscapes with the best results. This book explores landscape photography season-by-season, outlining useful tools and techniques particular to the season as the qualities of light and colour – as well as the weather – change around you. This book will inspire you to get out and about, confident of achieving the best possible results – whatever conditions you’re shooting in.

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The landscape around us changes constantly; year to year, month by month, and day by day. However, it is the four seasons that are the greatest signifiers of change and impact on how the landscape is presented for your camera. Just as the buds of spring evolve into the intense greens of summer, autumn’s vivid hues, and then lie dormant in winter, so the skills of the photographer need to adapt to the best record of the changing seasons. In this book, the essential tools and techniques are explored, so regardless of when you reach for your camera, you can be sure of achieving the best possible result.

  • Takes you out on location, season by season
  • Tailors expert information and concise tips to the relevant season
  • Accessibly explains the processes behind achieving stunning landscape shots

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