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Lens on Life


Stephanie Roberts

Mostly candid and spontaneous, documentary photography serves to preserve a moment in time. In Lens on Life,celebrated documentary photographer Stephanie Calabrese Roberts inspires you to explore, shoot, and share documentary photographs, guiding you as you define your own style. Illustrated with the author’s striking artwork as well as that of eight seasoned photographers who have visually documented stories all over the world, this book will sharpen your artistic intuition and give you the confidence to take on personal or professional documentary assignments. Full of advice that will challenge you and strengthen your photography,  Lens on Life shows you how to capture an authentic view of your world.

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Documentary photography is the art of using a camera to explore, study, capture, and share authentic moments – a single image or series of images that portray the truth, as we see it. As photographers, we aim to play the role of objective observers, minimizing our influence on the subject matter, yet we subconsciously infuse a bit of ourselves in each of the images we create to portray a view of our world.

A practical guide filled with tips and techniques, this book is an essential companion to any photographer considering a new documentary project regardless of the size, scope, and subject matter of the endeavor. Lens on Life will help you to broaden your concept of documentary photography and get into the mindset, with a showcase of documentary photographers. It will help you stretch your creativity and find your focus by taking you through a series of steps and thought processes that will help you define and execute your project – and much, much more.

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