Light & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos | Chris Gatcum
Light & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos | Chris Gatcum | from Gleaming Evenings by Miles Aldridge for Vogue ItaliaLight & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos | Chris Gatcum | Setup / Miles Aldridge for Vogue ItaliaLight & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos | Chris Gatcum | Urban Fashion by Danny Tucker

Light & Shoot: 50 Fashion Photos


Fashion photography has always called for the maximum creative variety, with a constant pressure for photographers to produce fresh, exciting work with complicated, considered lighting and location design. Whether you’re starting out or have many years of experience, this book is an accessible and varied way to explore the genre and pick up new ideas.

Each of the 50 fashion photographs featured in these pages is accompanied by complete details on how it was achieved with insights from the photographer, alongside a detailed 3D lighting diagram showing where all the equipment and props were placed. Armed with all this detail, it’s easy to see how photos were made, learn how to use equipment, and develop as a photographer.

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Photography is all about light, but with all the technological equipment tied up in the art – especially in the digital age – it can be easy to forget how to make the light work for you.

As with any creative endeavor, lighting for fashion is a case of choosing the right tools for the job. That necessitates some knowledge of what’s available and why a certain quality of light will better suit your objective. Your location will also dictate what is needed and what is achievable. How to position and work light to best effect under a variety of circumstances is of course the intended purpose of this book, and to this end we’ve provided tips from the experts and up-and-coming new talent, including Miles Aldridge, Perou, and Rankin.

Some would say there are no rules about lighting and that lighting is something you never truly master; and it’s true that, like the clothes, hairstyles, and looks you’ll be photographing, lighting styles also come in and out of fashion and are constantly evolving. But the more you shoot the better you get at it – and however you choose to look at it, you’ll find much expertise within these pages to give you a huge running start.

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