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Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Composition


Michael Freeman

Good composition is universal. The approachable, reliable techniques and lessons laid out in this book will improve the results of all photographers, regardless of genre. Get motivated by numerous and specific shooting challenges, and be inspired by sample work from fellow photography students, with critical evaluations of the results to improve your understanding of the core concepts.

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The essential concept for which there is no Auto mode, quality composition is what distinguishes a snapshot from a phenomenal photograph. Learn how to devleop your photographic eye not only to seek out engaging subjects, but also how to approach them from the best angle, in optimal light, for maximum effect.

Going beyond the basics, Michael Freeman reveals why certain photographs succeed, demystifying the abstract aesthetics to give practical rules and real-world advice that will enhance your images and inspire your creativity. Presented in a straightforward, down-to-earth method, these compositional principles will become second nature, giving you the creative freedom to seek out new, stunning shots of your own.

What’s more, you will develop reliable skills to approach a wide variety of subjects – from portraits to landscapes and everything in between – and to consistently present them in a strong, compelling composition.

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