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Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Digital Editing


Michael Freeman

In the digital age, pressing the shutter button is just the beginning. With this book, make sure every image reaches its maximum potential by developing tried-and-tested digital editing techniques and workflows, with editing principles that are universally applicable regardless of your particular software. Cut through the clutter to hone in the specific tools relevant to your photography. Get motivated by numerous and specific shooting challenges, and be inspired by sample work from fellow photography students, with critical evaluations of the results to improve your understanding of the core concepts.

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Unlock the full potential of each and every image with reliable post-production techniques that will become a fundamental part of your photography. Using easily followed, step-by-step instructions, Michael Freeman demystifies the complexities of today’s high-powered editing programs to provide you with effective digital workflows tailored to your particular photographic style, and using whichever editing programs you are most comfortable with.

Begin by exploring the fundamental aspects of image optimisation, from fixing exposure and making colour adjustments, to sharpening and noise reduction – essential steps that elevate simple snapshots to stunning images. Then move on to explore the advanced possibilities of black-andw-white conversion, panoramic stitching, HDR imaging, and more. Learn to recognise the right tools for the job, saving you time on the computer and ensuring each image gets the treatment it deserves.

Whether you’re salvaging an underexposed shot or building a composite of multiple images, these techniques will give your photography a professional and refined style.

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