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Michael Freeman’s Photo School: Portrait


Michael Freeman

From posing and framing, to advanced lighting setups, and reliable post-production and finishing techniques – this book covers all the essential aspects of quality portraiture. Get motivated by numerous and specific shooting challenges, and be inspired by sample work from fellow photography students, with critical evaluations of the results to improve your understanding of the core concepts.

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At some point, all photographers are called upon to shoot a proper portrait – combining technical skill with personable demeanor to capture someone in their best possible light. Michael Freeman teaches you how to achieve flattering portrait results with a variety of both traditional and modern styles.

Learn how to set your subjects at ease and bring out their natural beauty with a friendly yet professional attitude. Feel confident giving directions on posing and stance with a thorough review of the classic approaches, from head-and-shoulder shots to full-length compositions, and everything in between.

Take creative control of your portrait sessions by learning to manipulate the light to your own ends – whether that means bouncing sunlight off a reflector or building your own studio setups with multiple flash units. The complex science of photographic lighting is explained in straightforward and easy-to-understand language, with abundant and inspirational examples. Finally, master the fundamentals of post-production finishing techniques to make sure every portrait looks its absolute best. Your subjects will thank you for it!

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