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Pet Photography Now!

Paul Walker

Your pets are the most lively and exciting member of your family, so why take stuffy formal pictures of them? Experience Paul Walker’s fresh, stylish look and find out how to take images to grace any contemporary home. Pet Photography Now! Is a lively and contemporary re-examination of a classic subject that’s packed with practical hints and tips, including how to get the most natural-looking shots, and ideas for presenting your images is original and exciting ways.

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For animal lovers the world over, a pet is like an extra family member, but trying to photograph them is an incredibly challenging exercise. Pet Photography Now! shows professionals and amateurs alike how to get the best from their subject, no matter if it comes wrapped in fur, feathers or scales.

A noted professional in the field, award-winning photographer Paul Walker is well placed to offer practical advice on locations, viewpoints and posing; how to make your subject behave for the camera; and which camera settings to use to get the best results.

A chapter devoted to post-production, including step-by-step Photoshop workthroughs, shows you how to optimize your images to produce stunning prints of your favourite pet portraits.

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