Photographing the Elements | Gary Eastwood & Joseph Meehan

Photographing the Elements

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Gary Eastwood & Joseph Meehan

Stunning photography meets practical advice in this book to give you all the inspiration and the technical know-how to capture the environment in all its elements. Whether you’re planning a trip in search of exotic landscapes and extreme conditions to shoot, or you just want the make the most of a landscape closer to home, you’ll discover a wealth of ideas, tips on composition, and understand what gear you need and how to get the best possible shots in any weather conditions.

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Blizzards, tornados, volcanic eruptions, and desert sandstorms? Forget about seeking shelter – these are the prime times to grab your gear and get one-of-a-kind photographs of the most exotic and extraordinary subjects on earth. Miles away from your typical landscape and nature shots, these powerful images are a stunning survey of natural wonders, a vibrant addition to any portfolio, and a testament to the adventurous spirit of the extreme photographer. Get out of your comfort zone and embrace the elements!

Organised according to the ancient elements, this book showcases the earth in all its natural glory and at its most dramatic moments – from the spectacular light shows of the Aurora Borealis to the crashing waves and violent winds of a mighty hurricane. Every section covers the specific photographic approaches demanded by each unique subject for optimal exposures and captivating compositions.

Beyond photographic advice, this is also your survival manual for some of the world’s most formidable environments. From the scorched deserts of the American Southwest to the frozen expanse of the Arctic North, experienced photographers give you the best advice on planning your expeditions, working in remote locations, in-the-field camera care and image backup, and safety for you and your gear.

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