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Photography Beyond Auto


When you first buy a camera it's great to just shoot away, taking advantage of all the sophisticated automatic features of 'full auto' mode. Real photographers are able to take better photos because they understand what their cameras's auto mode is doing (whether it's an SLR or a Smartphone), and when to over-rule it and let creativity reign. This book will make you a real photographer.

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Go Beyond Auto Mode for Great Photos

Photography Beyond Auto is an easily accessible guide which will set you free. Unlike other beginners book it does not attempt to explain each and very button, dial and feature on your camera, or explore precisely where each pixel comes from. Instead it concentrates on the key creative controls, including exposure, focus and colour; essential skills that’ll enable you to take the sensational pictures that Auto mode simply can’t.

Auto Rocks (Sometimes)

Don’t worry, this book isn’t going to make you work hard for every photo; your camera has sophisticated metering and measuring systems which are often brilliant. Instead the book explains why your camera does what it does, so you know when you’ll make a better – or more creative – decision, and when to leave it to the digital brain!

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