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Self-Portrait Photography


Self-portraiture has always been one of the most exciting areas of the fine arts, and a new generation of digital photographers are rising to the challenge laid down by Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin. In Self-Portrait Photography – the first book on this subject – Natalie Dybisz, acclaimed for her work as Miss Aniela, offers valuable insights into her own inspirations and creative process, as well as those of eight of the field’s most noted artists.

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Self-portraiture has long been one of the most important genres in fine art, and as photographers like Cindy Sherman and Nan Goldin demonstrate, offers unique possibilities for the creative photographer, too. The digital age – and in particular, the photo-sharing site flickr – has opened up the field, throwing up a generation of talents who, in presenting images of themselves to the world, offer new ways of seeing oneself.

Foremost among these is Natalie ‘Miss Aniela’ Dybisz.
In this book she offers a wealth of practical expertise and conceptual finesse. Her startlingly original work is deconstructed: she offers step-by-step worked examples of how unique effects were achieved, and other leading photographers in the genre profile themselves and their work too, all adding up to a wealth of inspirational and technical ideas for today’s digital photographer. Photographers at all levels will be inspired to take another look at the model closest to hand – themselves.

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