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Surreal Photography


Daniela Bowker

Whether you use a DSLR or a pinhole camera, create composites in Photoshop or complex constructions in a studio – or even take advantage of the ever-increasing possibilities in phoneography, this book will stretch your imagination and push your creative potential! With clear and accessible lessons on a wide variety of techniques, and showcasing some of the very best, most innovative photographers working today with detailed information on how they constructed their images, you’re sure to be inspired by Surreal Photography: Creating the Impossible.

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Ever since Man Ray imposed the sound holes of a violin onto his model’s back, photographers have been enthusiastic practitioners of surreal art. Now with the advent of high-quality digital photo-manipulation the possibilities for creativity have become infinite. Daniela Bowker’s new book reveals the latest techniques in the field of surreal photography and features art from a host of the very best modern surreal photographers.

  • Breaks down the shooting and editing process so any photographer can make their own impossible images
  • With processing walkthroughs from contributing artists including Natalie Dybisz, Julie de Waroquier and Sarolta Bán
  • Step-by-step instructions for creating extraordinary scenes
  • Covers many different styles, from impossible landscapes to unsettling portraits

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