URL codes

If you’re entering a URL code like http://www.ilexinstant.com/specialoffer you must make sure to include the http:// or it will not work. If you’ve already done this…

1: Check to see if the eBook you’re expecting is in your cart

The URL you entered should have automatically added PDF, ePub and Mobi formats of the free eBook to your cart – you can see this by hovering your mouse over the icon in the top right corner of the page. Make sure you have included http:// in front of the URL. If the book has not appeared, go to the Store page and search for the book to add it manually.

2: The Sub-total shows you what you would have paid

The sub-total shows you the amount you would have paid before the coupon was added. To see your saving, click View Cart and look to the Order Total at the bottom of the page. If you’re not buying anything else, the total should be £0.

Offer code not added automatically? No problem

If there is a problem and you don’t see the discount you expect, it means the code hasn’t been automatically entered. You can solve this by entering the code manually.

Not sure what your offer code actually is?

Sometimes, the coupon code is hidden in the offer’s URL. This is the very last part of the URL featured in the advert: for example, if the URL was ‘www.ilexinstant.com/photo‘, then the coupon code to enter at the checkout would be ‘photo‘.


3: Checkout

Checkout! If you aren’t purchasing any eBooks other than your free download then you do not need to enter your card details.