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Taking a break from your blog (or: going off the grid responsibly)

By October 14, 2016 Photography One Comment

Even the best bloggers sometimes need to give it a rest. The trick is knowing when, how, and for how long.


When you have too many projects going on at once, and one of them needs to give way or you might lose your mind, that’s a great time to take a blogging hiatus. When your family or your health needs your attention more, that’s a sign it’s time for a break. When the internet is stressing you out and your community is hurting you more than it’s helping you, you can step away. And when it stops being fun, you don’t need to be doing it.

The big thing to remember is to let folks know you’ll be offline for a bit. Try to give them an idea of your timeline. If you need a two-week break, tell your readers you’ll be back in two weeks; if you need to get offline indefinitely or quit blogging altogether, let your readers know that, as well.

It’s tempting when you’re stressed to just bolt, leaving no trace behind you; however, as insubstantial as those online relationships may seem, you have established some kind of bonds with people who can’t see you from day to day and who will wonder if you’re all right should you evaporate into the digital ether. Giving some kind of notice is almost always a must. If you’re worried your community won’t be too pleased with your vacation, you can ask fellow bloggers to step in with some guest posts, offering whatever revenue or traffic you can in return.

And if you’re going on an actual vacation, let your downtime be true downtime! Unless it’s a photo-blogging excursion, there’s no need to photo blog while you’re supposed to be relaxing. Schedule a post or two, let your readers know you’ll be away from a computer having a fabulous adventure.

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One Comment

  • Zoe says:

    I think this is a great post to write. Everything we read as up and coming-photo bloggers is basically advice to the effect of “keep writing! keep engaging! don’t give up – ever! keep producing content!” of course this isn’t the way to stay sane. When you are blogging and blogging for months like i have been and yet only see three digit-views, it’s quite demoralising. And yet – genuine question – what do you do about the dilemma of “I want more engagement – i need to keep posting quality content to rise higher in the search ranking and Google algorithms?” Is it worth the trade off of time/energy > popularity/engagement? I’ve been blogging since February 2016 and don’t have any readers yet!

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