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How to photograph a tall building

By June 26, 2018 Photography No Comments

Architectural photography, in a traditional sense, includes buildings and structures, from urban skyscrapers to beach shacks to everything between.

tall building

We are surrounded by architecture everywhere we go, on a daily basis. So it shouldn’t come as any surprise at all that in the mobile space, architectural photography is so crazy-popular.

tall building

Photographing buildings and structures, indoors and out, was once the exclusive domain and privilege of trained architectural photographers with view cameras, perspective-control lenses, and hot lights. There is still a need for these professionals, but it’s also been quite refreshing to see so many smartphone interpretations of the buildings and structures that make up our urban landscapes.

It really is amazing to me how majestic and resplendent simple buildings and structures look when bathed and painted in just the right light. Glorious indeed. It is my hope that, in my own humble way, I can bring respect, attraction, and admiration to the gentle giants that dot our urban skyline.

Top tips for photographing tall buildings

tall building

  • Explore! Find the decaying building, the cozy courtyard, the brick alleyway.
  • Shoot in the early morning or late afternoon for captivating, dramatic light.
  • When photographing a reflective surface, expose for the reflected light and let the rest of the frame go dark.
  • Underexpose slightly when there is a lot of blue sky in a shot, since it tends to trick the light meter.

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