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A riot of colour

| Photography | No Comments

A good black-and-white photo is classic. But colour is seductive. Colour is the spice of life, and it is a key driver in evoking emotion in your photographs. It is, without question, one of the most powerful forms of non-…

Using one gel for a subtle lighting effect

| Photography | No Comments

Lighting your subject using one gel is a simple and great way to either set an overall mood or add interest to a specific area of the image, such as hair, clothing, silhouette, or other details. This technique can be…

rule of odds

The rule of odds

| Photography | No Comments

The rule of odds is simple to understand: odd numbers of items work better in a photograph than even numbers of the same things. If you a photographing more than one of something, three or five of those somethings will…

in between

Capturing those in between moments

| Photography | No Comments

You can catch an ‘in between’ shot in the moments when a model is naturally unaware of the camera. Models are often required to sit or stand very still, in traditional poses, with minimal movement between shots. These images can…

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