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Month: October 2013

Happy Publication day to Charlaine Harris

We’re delighted that Charlaine Harris’ After Dead is out in shops today – there can’t be a more fitting day than Halloween, right? You can find out what happens to the residents of Bon Temps after Sookie’s last adventure, Dead Ever After. But, today we’re letting someone else do the blogging; Paul Goat Allen, who […]

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A very Happy Publication Day for Dr Who fans

Gollancz is thrilled to be publishing two very different but equally excellent Doctor Who related books today, just in time for the 50th anniversary of the show. Both have been published before in different forms, but both are hugely worthy additions to our list. First is BEHIND THE SOFA, the collection of celebrity memories of […]

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Happy Halloween from Christmasland

It’s Halloween, which means it’s officially long past time to start getting ready for Christmas. Don’t believe me, the Christmas lights are already lit here in Covent Garden, just outside Gollancz Towers. If this doesn’t fill you with horror (and believe me it terrifies me!) and a little bit of dread then we’ve got the […]

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World Fantasy Convention 2013 – where to find us

It’s the 2013 World Fantasy Convention, and we’re excited! If you want to know where we’ll be, who’ll be at the convention and what’s going on with the Gollancz crowd, just check back on the blog every day for our daily update for all the events. Happy Hallowe’en, and happy WFC! Thursday, October 31st 14.00-15.00 […]

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The Obligatory Hallowe’en Post

So, it’s Hallowe’en again. To kids around the world, an opportunity to dress up in outlandish costumes and run round their neighbourhoods collecting treats. To supermarkets, that small window of opportunity between back-to-school and Christmas to tempt shoppers to part with more of their hard-earned cash for no real, valid reason. To some, a celebration […]

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Charlaine Harris discusses After Dead

After Dead, the coda to the Sookie Stackhouse series is nearly here! Whether you loved or hated Dead Ever After (personally I loved it, but I’m a bit of a fangirl about this series) the book did leave some unresolved issues for many of the Bon Temps crew. What came next for Jason Stackhouse and […]

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Holly Black: Coldest Girl in Coldtown competition

HOLLY BLACK IS VISITING THE UK… As you can see from the shouty caps, we can barely contain our excitement at the prospect of the brilliant Holly Black visiting for WFC this coming weekend, and then for a mini tour of the UK covering London, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool. To help celebrate Holly’s UK arrival […]

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In Praise of . . . Fantastic Fiction

Well, for what was supposed to be a regular feature, In Praise Of . . . has been pretty irregular. Maybe we need more fibre . . . While you all struggle with that thought and try desperately to banish whatever images it’s conjured in your now-sullied minds, we will move blithely on – unaware, […]

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Your photo on a book!

Are you the kind of photographer that never goes a day without sharing at least one photo on the web? Have you got an Instagram account? A Flickr account? Google+ and Twitter? All of them and others beside? Do you dream of having your photos seen by millions all over the world? If so, this […]

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Desert Island Horror: C. Robert Cargill

We are continuing to share our love of Halloween today with some more Desert Island choices from a horror master. Today, C. Robert Cargill, author of Dreams and Shadows and writer of one of 2012’s eeriest horror movies, Sinister, shares with us his choices. There are few things I love writing more than a desert […]

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The Path of Anger: Chapter Four

It’s time for the final part of our serialisation of extracts from Antoine Rouaud’s brilliant new fantasy, The Path of Anger, which is available now. Today we have chapter four to share with you, but if you’ve need to catch up, you can still read chapters one, two and three on the blog. Enjoy! THE  ASSASSIN ‘Attack […]

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New Book of the Week: A Dangerous Energy

One of the joys of working on the SF Gateway is how often we come across ‘new’ books that were, in their earlier print incarnations, published by Gollancz. It’s both a quiet joy to be welcoming one of our own back from out-of-print obscurity and a reminder of the historical importance of Gollancz in the […]

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