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Month: October 2014

Gollancz's Favourite Halloween Reads

Team Gollancz tell you all about their favourite scary books to read at Halloween . . .  Gillian: What could be more spookily appropriate a read today than Horns by Joe Hill? I love this […]

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The new Jack Parlabane story is out now

Jack Parlabane is back in an e-book exclusive short story that serves as a prelude to the forthcoming Dead Girl Walking. Buy it on Kindle. Buy it on Kobo. Snowy London, a few days before […]

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Cityread London announces Rivers of London as its 2015 book

Rivers of London by Ben Aaronovitch (Gollancz) has been chosen as the focus of Cityread London’s 2015 campaign. The title will be the centre of a month-long celebration of reading in the capital, starting on […]

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Happy publication day MJ Summers!

We are so excited to be the UK publishers of MJ Summers‘ Full Hearts series! Her books are clever, warm and incredibly romantic.   And sexy.   Did we say sexy?   SEXY.   Read […]

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Skyscrapers or mountains – don't underestimate your environment for photography

When I was very young, I remember learning about vast mountain ranges that existed in what seemed like universes beyond New York City. I would regale myself with images of these towering feats of nature […]

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Blinkbox Books Blog Q&A with Simon

With Brothers in Blood out now in hardback and ebook, Simon took part in a Q&A for the Blinkbox Books Blog. Here’s a look at one of the questions: Brothers in Blood is the thirteenth […]

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Apparently it’s Hallowe’en . . .

Those of you who have been reading the Gateway blog for a while might think there’s something familiar about this post. And you’d be right. What’s familiar is actually every single word that follows this […]

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This is what The City Stained Red does

Simon,  Associate Publisher of Gollancz and editor of The City Stained Red, discusses why you should all be reading The City Stained Red. Right now. Trust us. Sam Sykes’ The City Stained Red has a special place […]

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A (New Yorker) Canticle for Leibowitz

The excellent Charlie Panayiotou, film, manga and anime maven and Gollancz editor wrangler extraordinaire draws our attention to an excellent appreciation of Walter M. Miller Jr’s Hugo Award-winning classic A Canticle for Leibowitz in The […]

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Archive Author Note: WHEN THE EAGLE HUNTS

In this note from his 2002 Cato and Macro adventure, When The Eagle Hunts, Simon looks at the history and facts behind the fiction… One of the most enduring symbols of pre-Roman Britain is the […]

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SF Gateway & Gollancz: the World Fantasy Award Winners

So far this year, we’ve looked at how Gollancz and SF Gateway have fared in the Hugo, Nebula, Arthur C. Clarke, BSFA, John W. Campbell Memorial and British Fantasy Awards. Now, as we move towards the […]

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Coming soon: DARK BLADE

Have you been reading the INVADER ebook novella series? Parts one and two, Death Beach and Blood Enemy, have already been unleashed, and it’s not long now until part three, Dark Blade, is available. You […]

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