We’re currently adding new links to ilex eBooks sold directly through the established and easy-to-use Kindle Store, with other stores to come.

But didn’t you used to sell eBooks directly from this site?

Yes we did, but for assorted boring reasons ilex isn’t presently able to offer its products for direct digital download. That’s partly a product of our own success; when we began experimenting with offering high quality digital editions through our own portal, we didn’t know if anyone would be interested so we only built what we needed, and our site is starting to strain under the workload.
As loyal users will remember, the site has developed and grown up a little, adding features – every new feature adds to the code-base and our server is starting to dislike us.
At the same time ilex has been acquired by Octopus Publishing Group, part of Hachette, giving ilex the ability to make much better use of Amazon and Apple’s easy-to-use distribution systems rather than require you to use our own system. These systems offer fantastic security and great features, like the ability to remember your place from one device to another.

What’s the best way to get an ilex eBook

Soon every book on the site will feature a link to the Kindle site so you can still browse this site and learn about the books and authors, but if you found you were directed to this page from an ‘eBook’ link don’t give up, try searching the Kindle store directly – it might be there already and we’ve just not added the link yet.