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How to pose a pair of pinup models

What could be better than shooting a pinup girl? How about shooting a pair of pinup girls?

Since pinup photography should tell some sort of story, you are opening up a whole new bag of storylines by adding an additional model to your shots. There are so many fun and flirty ways to photograph the interactions of two pinup girls. Keep in mind though, now you have twice the posing and facial expressions to worry about. If one girl is making the perfect face, but the other girl is not, you’ll have to reshoot it. The important thing is to have fun with it.

A day at the beach

Two pinup girls in bathing suits equals lots of fun. There is a number of things you can do to mimic a day at the beach, and something as simple as having one girl untie the other’s bathing suit while she makes a surprised expression can create a fun photo. Other props can be worked in as long as they keep with the beach theme—try having two girls tossing a beach ball around or blowing bubbles to each other.

A photoshoot

If you happen to have a collection of old cameras, why not use one of them as a prop? You basically want to create the scenario that one pinup girl is doing a photo shoot of the other. Use any of the single model poses on your ‘subject,’ while the ‘photographer’ strikes cute, exaggerated photographer stances.

Vroom! Vroom!

Okay, so not everyone has an awesome vintage motorcycle to use as a prop, but if you do it works fantastically with two girls. This is not a typical prop that most people would expect to see in a photography studio, so when they do, it generally inspires a lot of great poses and outrageous facial expressions—you could have the girl on the back stand up on the motorcycle, or have both girls leaning back as if they are making a quick getaway!

Pinup picnic

Two pinup girls having a picnic is the perfect time to break out any food related props you might have and arrange them on a vintage tablecloth with, of course, a picnic basket. Shooting this scene with two girls is great because they can engage each other with fun expressions and conversation for naturally candid photos.
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