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Tate: Contemporary Art Decoded

Tate: Contemporary Art Decoded

How can you tell if that fire extinguisher on the wall is an installation piece, or a safety requirement? How can a Banksy increase in value even as it gets put through a shredder? And couldn’t a five-year-old have done all of this, anyway?

Contemporary Art Decoded takes ten key questions about contemporary art and uses them to dissect and explain the contemporary art world. Jessica Cerasi digs deep into the ideas and concepts behind the art, but avoids unnecessary jargon. This book is guaranteed to make your next trip to a gallery a more rewarding experience.

Chapters include:

– What is contemporary art?
– Where did it come from?
– Where do you draw the line?
– Does it matter who makes it?
– Does it have to mean something?
– Can anything be art?
– What about art for art’s sake?
– Has it all been done before?
– Does it have to be so serious?
– What’s next?
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Genre: Lifestyle, Sport & Leisure / Travel & Holiday / Travel & Holiday Guides / Museum, Historic Sites, Gallery & Art Guides

On Sale: 13th May 2021

Price: £30

ISBN-13: 9781781578162