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Need inspiration? Try printing your photos!

In this digital age, so many photographers never print their photographs, and that is a shame. It might seem terribly old school, but some photographers are sure that holding a printed photograph in their hands actually releases endorphins. Whether or not that’s true, that feeling alone is enough reason to have your photographs printed, either with your own printer or in a lab.

If the sheer satisfaction is not enough, holding a tangible image in your hand will also change the way you see your own photography and help you appreciate the art form more. It probably sounds illogical, but there is a great deal to be said for being able to see an image better and clearer when you hold it in your hands rather than see it on a computer screen—even though the latter allows you to zoom in to see greater detail. There’s really nothing more powerful and impactful than a beautiful, meaningful, printed photograph. And, after all, photographs are meant to be printed.


Print out your favourite photographs from each year since you started taking pictures. Tack them up on a wall side by side, and compare them. Has your style changed? Has your technique improved over time? It’s likely you’ll find that it’s so much easier to examine (and edit) a body of work when it’s printed out before you.

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