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How often should I blog?

The need for consistent content for your blog can be both intimidating and inspirational—and with steady planning it will be much more of the latter.

Frequency calendar
The very best thing you can do to grow your blog’s readership is to post consistently. You don’t have to post every day; in fact, posting more than once a day is probably overload. But aim to post with a frequency of three to five times a week.
Sometimes, you might not have time to post for a week or more, especially if you’re traveling or shooting in a location where you don’t have reliable internet access. In those cases, try to set aside a couple hours and schedule posts for while you’re away or busy. Scheduled posts could be brief updates or single-photo exhibits of your work, present or past. But a steady stream of blog posts will keep your readers coming back consistently. The moment you stop posting a few times a week, your readers will drop off and forget to come back until you give them a reason to again.
Photo walks, personal challenges, posts from other bloggers, and even comments from your own community will give you ample fodder for posts. But as long as you are diligent and just a bit creative, you will be able to maintain your audience’s interest.
The straightforward task of planning out a month of posts in advance can save you a lot of stress and headaches—and can even help spark your creativity. Consider parts of it flexible, but use it to pace yourself, and set regular goals to achieve so that you don’t suddenly find yourself overwhelmed.
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