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Using photos to preserve your memories

Since photographs themselves are probably the most cherished of all keepsakes, it would make sense that we think about how to ‘keep’ them. And digital file instability and the prospect of electronic failure make it so important to get our images off our computers and into our hands.

image-2103 Easy albums
Here’s a simple list of things you might want to do with your photos.

Photo Memory Boxes

Photo memory boxes not only display your photography on the outside of the box, they are made to be a simple (and gorgeous) storage solution for photographs, mementoes, and other keepsakes.
image-2102 Memory boxes

Photo Binders

These are also a great, flexible storage and display solution for photographs, paper mementos, awards, and certificates (or any other paper keepsakes our kids might bring home). ‘Photo safe’ plastic sleeves are made for storing a lot of different-sized options. You can get decorative binders or even have your photo printed on one.

Photo Journals

A photo journal is an instant keepsake that becomes even more special when written in. Having a photo printed on the front elevates the journal from a basic blank book to something you (or your child) will really use. Although this isn’t a keepsake for photos (besides the one on the front and maybe a few printed on the inside) it could be turned into one if you or your children wrote in it. Journal writing is a perfect complement to photography.

Photo Albums

Nothing ever takes the place of classic family photo albums. The options have grown exponentially when it comes to what kinds, what sizes, what styles, and what methods you can use to get your images into books, but there is no better way for you and your family to enjoy your photos than to have them in some kind of album.
Traditional photo albums are becoming somewhat of a lost art, but they are actually very easy to keep up with if you simply start printing a few images from each group of photos you shoot. Or if you already have shoe boxes full of images in a closet. Don’t think too much about this—just select a few shots and get them into an album. You will never regret having photos in albums, and your kids will love to look through them, now and in the future.
Digitally printed photo books are taking the world by storm. With the ease of uploading and the simplicity of dragging and dropping your images into designed templates, and then getting them shipped to your door, bound and beautiful, there’s no reason we shouldn’t have libraries full of family photo books. They are affordable, convenient, and are ideal for getting photos back into our hands.

Scrapbooking is a way of life for many women, and it’s an effective, engaging way to take the stories of your family to a whole new level. It can be done in the traditional way (cutting, pasting, crafting, creating, stamping, embellishing, etc.) or done digitally, or both. Either way, scrapbooks are prized possessions that honor the images, words, and stories of us.
In Elevate the Everyday, Tracey Clark shows how each day of our lives is full of potential for great photography. Focusing on the moments that are most precious to us, she offers a host of inspirational ideas enabling the reader’s photographic achievements to grow, turning the incidents in a family’s life – arrivals, departures, childhood, and parties – into beautiful, captivating images that will stand the test of time. Most of all, learn to turn the ordinary and everyday into the extraordinary with this unique guide to picturing motherhood.

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Tracey Clark
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