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Top 5 Christmas Gift Books for Photographers​


If you’re shopping for photography lovers this Christmas, you can’t go wrong with a good book. Here are a few of our favourites from 2018, all shown alongside the latest pricing from Amazon so you can check the latest pricing and be sure it’ll arrive in time for the big day. 

The Photography Bible  |  Michael Freeman

Michael Freeman is a treasure of the photography world, having sold millions of books across the planet, and many photographers have learned their trade from him. This new compact ‘Photography Bible’  brings that expert information – and fresh insights on the latest technology – into a convenient travel-sized book format that nevertheless packs a 352-page punch. One to jam in the camera bag so you can keep improving while you’re on the move.

  • The Number 1 New Release in Photography Manuals (US)

Why You Like This Photo  |  Brian Dilg

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but in truth that’s far from the case. After years of research into perception, it is now clear what it is that makes some images stand out more than others.

Brian Dilg, stills photographer and commercial director, sifts through the academia to bring the salient information – presented alongside some of the greatest photographs of all time so you can see the ideas in action. The book itself is beautiful in the hand, presented as a compact hardback that looks and feels exciting. To get an idea, just click on the Amazon ling and browse through the pages.

Retro Tech  |  The Nostalgia Nerd

OK, not strictly a photography book, but I couldn’t resist. A lot of photographers love their tech, after all, and over time tech breeds nostalgia.

The legendary Nostalgia Nerd (also known as Peter Leigh) has spent years building up a collection of great pieces of gaming tech over the years and this beautifully designed small hardback is a compendium of all the greatest machines of the last few decades plus the best, the most beautiful and the worst game on each platform. A bargain at twice the price.

NY In The Snow  |  Vivienne Gucwa

There is a brief, magical time every year where the city that never sleeps at least manages to turn and look the other way long enough for soft flakes of snow to silently settle on the streets.

Brooklyn-based photographer Vivienne Gucwa has managed to explore these precious moments with her camera, capturing an almost unknown view of the iconic city which makes a beautiful collection, bound together in this small-ish coffee-table book which makes a wonderful addition to any home, and a great gift for lovers of New York.

Wildlife Photography  |  Richard Bernabe

Many passionate photographers are constantly striving to achieve the best possible images of wildlife. Give them a complete guide with this beautiful guide to wildlife photography from one of the world’s leading experts.

Richard Bernabe is an American Photographer, teacher and author who has travelled the world working for clients including National Geographic, The BBC, CNN and The New York Times, so this book is full of rich inspiring images, a talent which has also earned the author over a million followers. The 240 pages will help readers master those same skills.