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ilex eBooks on Kindle

In the last nine months ilex has been taking a long hard look at the way we deliver digital products and the way people prefer to use them. The conclusion: it’s more important if things just work. If he’s honest, Adam Juniper (the “Adam at Ilex” of eMail fame), was very keen to control the entire delivery system, but Amazon’s kindle system is established and works very well, so why not offer that? Moreover the Kindle system still allows you the ability to read on all the devices that ilex instant’s system did, with the added advantage of keeping your place from one device to another.
Ilex eBooks are also available on the Apple iBooks Store ecosystem.


A selection of bestsellers that you can snap up for great prices for Kindle:

  • The Photographer’s Eye
    Michael Freeman’s modern classic has sold over half a million copies worldwide and is considered by many the standard work on composition in photography.
  • Mastering Exposure
    David Nightingale introduces the most fundamental skill in photography so you can take creative control.
  • Fashion Photography 101
    Lara Jade, international Fashion photography superstar, presents a complete course for new fashion photographers.
  • The Photographer’s Master Guide to Colour
  • Jeff Wignall. When every single hue in a photo can be saturated, tinted, cross-processed, filtered, or manipulated using today’s wide variety of digital tools, the possibilities are endless.

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